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Leaf Filter

Leaf Filter knows climbing the ladder to scoop leaves, dirt and sometimes pests from your gutters is a backbreaking and unpleasant task. That’s why they created a revolutionary gutter-guard system to keep your rain gutters clear. If you don’t want to clean out your gutters year after year, make the switch to Leaf Filter today. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Currently, Leaf Filter operates 20 locations serving 23 states nationwide. It’s an American-made product, too, with its manufacturing facility in Plainwell, Michigan.

The cost of gutter protection

Customers considering purchasing Leaf Filter are understandably curious about quality and cost. With any home improvement project, these considerations should prove a large factor in the decision-making process. Our company eliminates questions with a full-disclosure pricing model. Our estimates include comprehensive cost figures with zero hidden expenses, additional parts or warranty costs to drive up your final bill.

Although off-the-shelf gutter solutions are available, often for less money, our product’s quality makes up the difference. We’ve installed more than 12 million feet with zero cases of clogged gutters. We also save you money through our installation process that will not void your existing roof warranties. Most customers break even on their systems somewhere between three and five years after installation.

The company’s revolutionary system saves you money by helping you avoid roof damage, leaking or ice damage that result from clogged gutters. We also reduce the need for homeowners to perform roof and gutter maintenance, thus preventing personal injury from ladder or roof falls.

Customer reviews

At Leaf Filter, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. We’re so confident in our product that we offer a full, lifetime warranty. To date, our product has satisfied customers just as we expected it would.

Across the country we hear from customers at home shows and other events who are pleased with the product and who urge their neighbors to make the investment. Recent praise includes:

-          “We put Leaf Filter on the house about two years ago, and they work wonderfully. We have not had to clean the gutters, we’ve not had any backups and our drainage is awesome! We love the product.”

-           “Leaves just blow right off of it, trash just blows right off of it. I’ve seen hurricane force rain come in and the gutters never overflow. They work perfectly. There’s no product better.”

-          “We have a ranch house with a lot of trees in our area and we have not had any trouble at all. It’s been great.”

In addition to happy customers, our system has earned numerous awards, accolades and professional endorsements.  In 2012, our company earned a great many accolades both for its business growth and product. Those accolades include:

-          2012 Qualified Remodeler Magazine Top 500

-          Inc. Magazine 500/5000

-          Inc. Magazine Hire Power

-          Weatherhead 100 – Fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio.

Comparing Leaf Filter to Other Gutter Protection Systems

We know there are lots of gutter protection systems to choose from today, and for many homeowners, the decision is overwhelming. It might seem that most systems would suffice in keeping debris out of your gutters, but that is false.  Our system is the first and finestmicromesh filter system, and has beat out all competitors.

Versus Other Micromesh Gutter Guards

Many micromesh filter companies cap their warranties at five years, but our system is backed by a lifetime, transferrable warranty. Other micromesh gutter guard systems disturb your roof or shingles when they are installed. Our system does not, thus protecting other warranties on your roof.

Versus Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

Reverse curve gutter systems either act as a hat over the existing gutter, or require total replacement of your existing gutters. While these system may keep large debris and animals out of your gutters, they are not successful in guaranteeing no dirt, leaves, pine needles or insects will clog your gutters.

Our system installs with existing gutters and guarantees that only water will find its way into your gutter.

Versus Screen Gutter Guards

Screen gutter guard products are readily available for home installation from big box stores. They range in quality from chicken wire mesh to plastic or metal shields. Homeowners often try these products first before upgrading to a better solution like ours.

All screen guard systems have openings that do not protect against small debris including pine needles. They also typically violate roof warranties when installed and have short lifespans.

Versus Foam Gutter Guards

Foam guards offer affordable low-end solutions that are short-term solutions. In addition to ineffective, foam guards are potentially hazardous. There is no guarantee that the foam products used are fire retardant. Furthermore, foam inserts trap seeds and small debris, leading to weed and plant growth within your gutter.  Foam guards also hold moisture, are susceptible to rotting and develop mold.

Our system has no holes or openings and is made of surgical grade stainless steel micromesh. No organic materials will stick to or grow on our guards. We also offer a permanent solution.

Versus Brush Guards

The final type of guards we compete with are brush guard systems. These systems are tubular brushes that sit inside the gutter. They trap small items including pine needles, seeds and leaves. They also trap pinecones and other large debris too. While the debris isn’t sitting in the bottom of your gutter with these systems, it is still in the gutter and requires removal.

If you’re looking for a permanent solution to falling leaves and windblown debris clogging your gutters, give Leaf Filter a try. If our system ever clogs or you have to remove debris from your gutters, you get your money back. There’s a reason so many homeowners rave about Leaf Filter.

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